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The Full Story

All About the Onion Burger

The onion burger started in the Dustbowl days in Oklahoma. Sliced onions were added to the hamburgers to make it look bigger. But it turns out it just tasted so good!

All About Frank Schulz

Having grown up in San Diego as soon as I graduated from Patrick Henry High School I went to Tulsa, Oklahoma to go to school. I ended up meeting a girl and having two incredible children. Fast forward 34 years and I decided to make the move back to San Diego, because of two girls specifically, my mom and my fiancé Gina. I would cook onion burgers for my friends and family and of course they were a big hit! I did a few pop-up lunches and the idea was received. After years of looking our La Mesa location came across my plate and things got going to open up the restaurant. It's always been a dream of mine to have my own restaurant after being in the business my whole life. One of the questions I get asked all the time is "Where did the name Duke come from?" Well the name Duke's Old Fashioned Onion Burgers came from my old dog and friend Duke.

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